Our Service

We're not just a boat manufacturer, we're a team dedicated to making your boating experience exceptional.

Our success is deeply rooted in the happiness we bring to our customers. We encourage you to explore these pages and discover the top-notch service we provide for every NAVAN boat owner.

Service & Documentation

NAVAN by Quicksilver is supported by our dealer network throughout various markets and regions. We commit to exceeding your expectations at every stage of your ownership, including our documentation and service support.

Ensuring your boat is properly maintained can significantly enhance its lifespan. More than that, it provides you with the assurance you need for enjoyable and worry-free journeys. Keeping your NAVAN boat in prime running condition requires regular upkeep from an authorized service technician. To find your closest dealer who can provide this service, simply refer to our Dealer Network for their name, location, and contact information.

Looking for documentation for one of our boats? NAVAN offers a selection of documents for your vessel, free of charge, in our Download Center.

Warranty policy

At the heart of the NAVAN brand, we're dedicated to crafting top-tier boats for lifestyle-focused owners. We achieve this by employing exceptional talent, utilizing premium materials, and leveraging cutting-edge manufacturing technologies and facilities. This commitment to quality gives us the confidence to provide a two-year warranty from the date of initial purchase on all our boats. Furthermore, we stand behind the structural integrity of our boats' hulls, offering an additional one-year guarantee against any structural failures due to defects in our factory materials or craftsmanship.

If you need to start a warranty claim, your first step as the boat owner is to reach out to an authorized dealer right away after noticing any issues. You'll need to give them a detailed account of the problem and supply your hull serial number, the date of purchase, and the name of the dealer who sold you the boat. The authorized dealer will then communicate with us. We will review the issue and provide written authorization for any corrective measures.